We know how quickly and how deeply this wonderful city and its culture becomes a part of you, because it’s a part of us, too. We love seeing our talented friends and neighbors participate in events during My Waterloo Days, and we always cheer on the Waterloo Bucks and Blackhawks. We want to make sure future generations have the same—if not more—opportunities to enjoy Waterloo as we do today.

With the help of like-minded citizens, the Waterloo Community Foundation is organized to serve individuals and organizations in Waterloo to provide a better future for our community in a wide variety of areas, including education, recreation, cultural diversity, the arts, our youth, health and human services, the environment, and more.


We are governed by a 15-member board of directors.  Board members must live in Waterloo or have a strong professional, civic or historical connection to Waterloo.


President:                                Dr. Wilfred Johnson*

Vice President:                       Kathy McCoy*

Secretary:                                Chuck Rowe

Treasurer:                               Sam Holden

2020 Board Members:

Stacey Bentley*                        Kent McCausland*

Scott Crowley                           Sharina Sallis

Theresa Hoffman*                  Troy Smith*

Tim Hurley*                              Lance Vanderloo

Lori Johnson                             Anesa Kajtazovic

Retired Founding Board Members:

Jim Lind*

Joe Vich*

Jim Walsh*

Dan Watters*

Mike Young*

Rick Young*

Deceased Founding Board Member:

Geof Grimes* (January 8, 1946 to March 31, 2020)

* Denotes Founding Board Member


Meet the Foundation

One of our strengths is our locally focused board of directors. The board members have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and each are tied to the Waterloo community. Their local decision-making will help us build a more vibrant Waterloo.


How to Donate

If you are interested in providing community leadership and leveraging resources to solve community problems and infuse the growth needed to create a more vibrant Waterloo, please check out our Ways to Give page, where you can find more information on the types of donations we can accept. Your donation will be directed right back into the community you love.