WATERLOO, IOWA – The Waterloo Community Foundation (WCF) is seeking investors for the “Founders Club,” a designation that allows donors to be recognized forever for their gift. This one-time opportunity expires on December 31, 2017. To date, over 80 individual and corporate donors are Founders and have seen the value of a locally based organization that builds and supports a better Waterloo.

Gifts, either cash or 3-year pledges are tiered, each tier representing one of the three major rivers or streams in Waterloo: Black Hawk Creek: $500 to $999; Virden Creek: $1,000 to $4,999; and Cedar River: $5,000+. As founding members, donors support local philanthropy.

“We are committed to building relationships with community members who share our vision of a stronger, more viable Waterloo,” said Board Chair Tim Hurley. “These positive and encouraging conversations resulted in our founder’s campaign that assures future generations the same – if not more – opportunities to enjoy Waterloo.”

Donor dollars have already positively affected our community. In 2016, grant proposals were solicited from organizations serving Waterloo residents. We received fifty-three applications; five local non-profits that give shape to our community and citizens through their daily work received funding. Visit our website that detail their work: www.wloocommunityfoundation.org. A similar granting process is underway for 2017.

The Foundation collaborates with several Waterloo-based organizations, including the Waterloo Police Association, the Waterloo Softball Association, the Kingsley Neighborhood Association and City of Waterloo and Koat4Kids. All address important community needs such as increased community and youth outreach, enhanced recreational opportunities, neighborhood beautification, and warm clothing for kids. Several scholarship funds have also been established benefitting area youth.

If you live, work or recreate in Waterloo, we ask you to join us by making a donation. Contact Michelle Temeyer at Michelle.Temeyer@wloocommunityfoundation.org or (319) 883-6022 or visit www.wloocommunityfoundation.org.