The Waterloo Community Foundation (WCF) is seeking initial investors in its “Founders Club,” an investment that will allow this locally based organization build and support a better Waterloo for all.

Established just over a year ago, the Foundation’s 14-member Board of Directors supports the long-term benefit of Waterloo and its citizens and is committed to:

·         providing transparency,

·         maintaining low overhead costs,

·         directing funds as designated by our donors,

·         investing donor proceeds in Waterloo-based financial institutions and

·         serving the needs of Waterloo-based non-profit organizations. 

“We have spent the last year building relationships with community members who share our vision of a stronger, more viable Waterloo,” said Board Chair Tim Hurley. “These positive and encouraging conversations resulted in this founder’s campaign that will forever support our local philanthropic work.”

A variety of giving options are available, including multiple-year pledges. For more information or to make a donation, contact Michelle Temeyer at or (319) 883-6022.

 To learn more about the Waterloo Community Foundation, visit