About twenty years ago two friends got together with the vision to give back to the school they love. Both are alumni of East High School and passionate about its future.

At the time, Tim Moses, now the East High School Athletic Director, was the school’s Track Coach. His athletes were wearing the same track uniforms and warm-ups that he had worn as an athlete at the school 25 years prior. He knew that the lack of resources was contributing to a negative self-image for his students and their school.
Moses became inspired to begin fundraising for East High Athletics and Extra-Curricular activities to ensure that not only his team, but all the students at East High, would have the resources of their competitors.

“My passion is to make sure that our school has all of the things that the other schools have.” Moses said. “I don’t want our kids to feel like they are less than. They are equal.”

Moses connected with a fellow alumnus, Brian Persson, and together they host an annual Golf Tournament to benefit the East High Alumni Committee, an initiative that supports the current needs of East High Athletics and Extra-Curricular activities. Recently they began a Fiscal Sponsorship with the Waterloo Community Foundation in order to help manage funds, maintain non-profit standing, and reach more donors.

“I am so thankful for this golf tournament and this committee because we’ve done so many amazing things.” Moses said. In the last two decades, their funding has provided uniforms for several teams, a shooting machine and score table for basketball, a pitching machine, scoreboard, and pitching mound for baseball, tackling dummies for football, wrestling dummies, bags and rangefinders for the golf team, and so much more. They have also sent multiple kids to athletic camps, to Drake Relays, and they recently provided specialized training for their soccer team.

“It’s been so beneficial to our students and to the athletes. I want to leave this school better than I found it. I want to raise as much money as we can!” Moses said.

You can join Tim and Brian to support East High School! Donate online. Additionally, if you’re interested in golfing in the tournament, search for East High Alumni Golf Outing on Facebook for more information.