Waterloo Community Foundation Announces “Windows on Waterloo” Presentation with Black Hawk County Health Department

We hope you can join us on Thursday, October 7 at 11 AM to get an update from our Black Hawk County Health Department! Dr. Nafissa Cisse Egbuonye, Public Health Director, will join us to share about the important work they are doing.

In the last couple of years, the Health Department has focused on Health Equity. With the belief that everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to achieve optimal health and well being, they recognize that inequity, in the form of racism, and discrimination, is a public health crisis.

Together we will find out about how they are approaching this crisis, how it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what they are learning about our community’s complex dynamics. We will also get to hear about the key opportunities they see and how we, as a community, can help.

If you would like to preview an Interactive Report regarding this work, it is available at the Black Hawk County Health Department website: https://www.bhcpublichealth.org/our-approach/health-equity.

Email info@wloocommunityfoundation.org to receive the link for this webinar.