Waterloo Community Foundation Announces “Windows on Waterloo” Presentation with Waterloo Schools

Waterloo – Join us on Thursday, September 2 at 11 AM to get an update from our Waterloo Schools! The Chief Officer of Human Resources & Equity, Kingsley Botchway II, will be present to give insight into how our schools are preparing for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Together we will find out about how the district is navigating Covid-19. We’ll learn about how the protocols will differ from last year and what stressors they are anticipating for students, staff, and families. We will also get to hear about what is bringing them hope and how we, as a community, can offer our assistance.

You can stay up-to-date with Waterloo Schools at: facebook.com/waterlooschools or at waterlooschools.org.

“Windows on Waterloo” is a Zoom educational series offered monthly by the Waterloo Community Foundation.  The public may join this free presentation by contacting the Foundation at info@wloocommunityfoundation.org.

The Waterloo Community Foundation, a nationally-accredited foundation, was organized in June 2015 to serve needs in Waterloo and, in limited situations its vicinity.  To learn more, visit www.wloocommunityfoundation.org or call 319.883.6022.